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Countless amounts of food end up in the trash every day. Valuable resources such as soil, water, energy, but also human labor ultimately have no added value for society. In addition, money and CO2 also flow into short-sighted economic processes that could just as easily be reduced or avoided.
Constant competition for the cheapest food means that domestic products can appear overpriced compared to subsidized goods from distant regions. The whole thing is all the more absurd when talking about the exact same product.
Our vision is to contribute to saving resources and reducing greenhouse gases through careful and efficient handling in production and procurement. This is the only way to ensure the sustainable development of our environment, economy and society.
In order to illustrate the relevance of seasonal and regional shopping, we brought apricots, which also grow close to our homes, from France to Austria. Doing so, we pushed shopping trolleys, while wearing inline skates, from Lyon via the Swiss Alpine valleys to Vorarlberg.
This project is not only an eye-catcher per se but also set the world record for the longest distance ever covered with a shopping trolley: From 18. July - 05. August 2022 we covered a distance of 655km from which we were pushing the trolleys over a total distance of 555km.

Impressions of our journey on Instagram and TikTok.
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Movierelease on the 21th September 2023. Come and join us! More informations here.

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